Our concepts are spoken through forms and refined aesthetic solutions. It starts from the careful selection of modern materials and colors to realize modular, flexible and personalized solutions. Each of our projects is the result of this approach, combined with a deep respect for the environment.

MIA TESSA’s reputation as an industry leader results from a unique combination of qualities:

  1. Combined decades of experience in the areas of construction, design, development and logistics.
  2. Access to global design and materials innovations, advancing trends and new processes before they become available to the general market.
  3. An architectural hub in Italy which allows us to produce almost any design our clients can imagine.
  4. Highly trained designers, sales associates and installers with established histories at MIA TESSA.
  5. Years of experience working with prominent, discerning developers on large-scale projects, as well as elaborate custom homes for high-profile, private individuals.
  6. Large-scale work results in high volume production, generating cost savings we can pass on to our entire clientele.

Mia Tessa is a custom line made with Italian design and architecture, made in the USA.


Luxury Italian Furnishings. We design kitchens made to last generations, kitchens that are timeless and impervious to trends. 


Heart and Soul. At Mia Tessa, we create a custom design unique to our clients’ needs and aesthetic, then expertly deliver and install all elements accordingly.


Kick Start Your Day in Style. Unique spaces in style and quality. Our custom Italian bathroom vanities showcase the best of craftsmanship and design.


Your space, reimagined. Together we’ll create the custom closet of your dreams! Customize your closets. Simplify your life.